40th Reunion

That time has rolled around again. Time to plan the LHS Class of 1979 Reunion. Do you realize its been 40 years since we stepped out those doors and into life. We thought we were so grown up and knew it all. HAHA

Since then, we have moved away or stayed in town, married, divorced, not married, children, no children, careers, started businesses, and all the experiences that go along with living a life. We may not have had anything in commom but the fact we graduated from LHS. Still we come together every so many years to remember the times of our childhood and visit with old friends.

Please fill out the survey below to let us know your opinion or ideas for our 40th reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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1)   We need to pick a time. Check below your preference.

  Labor Day Weekend (August 30-September 2
2)   Tell us your preference on days and times.

  Friday night only
  Saturday night only
  Weekend of activities
3)   What you would like to do?

  Friday night meet and greet
  Saturday night dinner
  Weekend of Fun
4)   Now we would like to hear your ideas. We have experienced a number of different activities during the last couple of reunions. What would you like to do? Where would you like to go?

5)   Keepsakes? T-shirts,mugs & etc?

Yes No