Rodney Long

Profile Updated: October 14, 2009
Rodney Long
Residing In: Lebanon, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Marlene Long
Occupation: R.W. Long Lumber & Box Co., Inc.
Children: Roderic Long 1984
Bettina Long 1991
Yes! Attending Reunion

1979 GRADUATED LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL worked summer jobs to help get through college as a farm painter in a factory the City of Lebanon and timber business with my father and started a lumber business
1983 GRADUATED UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY on the Deans list a few times
while in college1979-1983 played;
FOOTBALL: 1st year went 2nd in the nation .
2nd year went 1st in the nation
WRESTING: 1st yr started @ 179lb then 167lb
2nd yr same made to 4th in the district
1981 SUMMER worked in timber and lumber where my Dad and I were partners in Robert Long and Son Timber.
1982 in college took 22 and 24 credit hours in order to graduate early. Completed all but one class, therefore, I took autiting at Miami Middletown as a transit student and worked timber and lumber.
1983 got married to MARLENE LONG whom has been a true love and help mate. We have had our struggles, but we have held on to each other and tryed to let GOD allow the storms to draw us closer.
1983 my Dad and I purchased land on Cornett Dr. and started the box side of R.W.LONG LUMBER AND BOX CO INC. Marlene and I worked and played hard with the help of my MOM and DAD.
1984 we had a son which I am very proud of and now is a great asset in the business. When he was born we sill worked hard while DAD and MOM spoiled him and went to church more.
1985 our house burnt lost amost all but some pictures. The fire started in the baby's room through a wood stove. Thank GOD we were gone and RODERIC was safe.
Whereever my DAD went, little Rod, Jr. was there
1987 DAD received a U.S. Patent on the wire closers for a wooden box he had developed and also started a sawmill in KY and converted it to a flea market and 1988 was running for city concail in lebanon.
1988 Nov 4th the botton fell out of our world when my DAD made his unexpted crosing to Heaven along with my cousin JEFF RELLIFORD our 1979 class valiadtorion. Jeff and I grew up like brothers when we were young. So I thrust myself into work to take my mind off of the lose here on earth. However, I knew that Heavens treasures would now be more valuable to me. Around this time we lost a precious cousin (she was stalked and aduted like fatal attraction). These are just a few that have left with a good report.
1991 our beutiful baby girl was born and she has become the joy of our lives. BETTINA LONG
1995 recived U.S. Patent on fully collapsible box which we have manufactured and shipped all over.
Business and life was good.
1998 on the way to the the box plant on a wheel loader (BULL DOZER) I had an accident. The bull dozer started to shimmy and was hard to control -it was on the far side of the road and then started to shake and shimmy to the right side of the road while I was fighting it. All the time I was going in the ditch so I got ready to jump but before I could jump the bull dozer went into the ditch, more details later.